5 Musts to Achieve Good Feng Shui for Baby’s Room

When my babes were tiny, I yearned for a good night’s sleep. I wanted nighttime to slip away as smoothly and peacefully as possible, and frankly... that just didn’t happen enough for my liking. You know what probably would have helped me immensely? That’s right: setting up the nursery to have great feng shui. Now, you moms and dads out there are probably like, “Come on, girl. Everybody knows that poor Feng Shui can make a body feel out of balance and moody.” Well, I didn’t at the time. But I sure don’t want you to make the same mistake!
5 Feng Shui Musts
With a baby on the way, making a special place for that little one was on my to-do list; I’m thinking it’s likely to be on yours, too. Creating a sleeping space with good feng shui is to create a tranquil space, enhancing balance and calming energy. I’ve put together a little list to help you new parents, or parents-to-be, in pulling together a soothing, happy space for your baby.
1. Choose a soothing color pallet - There are so many inspiring nurseries online these days. Drool-worthy, beautiful, designs that take my breath away. But before you let yourself fall in love with that bright wallpaper or show-stopping accent color, know this: soft pastel colors are not as stimulating and can console your baby to sleep.
2. Use natural materials and light – If possible, try to acquire baby furniture, bedding, and toys that are made from wood and other natural materials. Hands down, natural light is the best way to illuminate the nursery; it’s a bonus if the room has a window facing east to allow that morning sunlight to spill into the room.
3. Avoid angles - Sloped ceilings, exposed beams, and angular wall décor sends harsh energy into the room, making it challenging for your baby to get restful sleep.
4. Position the crib properly – Crib placement within the nursery is very important. Never place baby’s crib in line with the door. Energy flowing through the doorway can disrupt baby’s sleep cycle.
5. Organize - The natural energy of the space should be able to flow freely. Clean up any clutter and consider opening the window regularly to allow fresh air into the nursery.
By implementing these tips, you and your new little addition are sure to have the best chance for many restful nights together. I’d love to hear how it goes for you in the comments below!
Until next time, my fellow moms and dads – sweet dreams!

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