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Monbaby is the only brand I trust with my babies. Not only the monitor does exactly what it claims to do but the customer service is also VERY helpful and compassionate, they were kindly replying to questions I had and those who are moms out there like me know what I’m talking about, we moms are always worried and have plenty of questions. I used the first model when I had my first child and oh my God the peace of mind I had knowing my baby was safe while sleeping and I could be informed of any movements etc... now as a mother of two I bought this new device and once again I’m very satisfied. Thank you monbaby for the peace of mind you give me. Ladies, if you want to sleep in peace and deal with only respectful costumer service get this device. I bought a couple for some of my friends as well and they are all very happy and thank me every day <3

Nina. Purchased from Amazon. Reviewed September 23, 2019

As a paramedic, some of my tougher experiences on the job caused me to be a hyper vigilant parent. When we brought home our newborn, I couldn’t fall asleep unless he was up nursing with his mother, the more asleep he was, the more awake I was. We ordered several of the various biometric / wireless devices and MonBaby was the only one we didn’t send back. Easy to use, not cumbersome or uncomfortable for baby, portable when traveling. MonBaby brought peace of mind and sleep back into my life and let me enjoy parenting our great sleeper!

James F. Perra. Purchased from Amazon. Reviewed  December 6, 2017

I bought this about 4 months ago and it works great! I love how it’s budget friendly but works so well! Somehow the snap part ended up cracking so I emailed customer service because we had only been using it for 3 months at the time. They replied quickly and shipped out a replacement along with a pack of batteries! The lady Johanna that I emailed back and forth with was so nice! One day my response didn’t go through and she made sure to email me again to make sure the Monbaby was the right color and that she had all the right information so I could get the replacement. I couldn’t be happier with them. Definitely recommend!

sa17. Purchased from buybuy Baby. Reviewed July, 2019

I use this every single night! Its super easy to put on sleeping baby & simple to use! You really can't beat the price compared to other breathing monitors. Highly recommend!
Easy & affordable!

Amanda. Purchased from buybuy Baby. Reviewed June, 2019

Received this from a friend and we love it. Was a bit skeptical because it was much cheaper than other monitors but it works very well! Easy to use and also the company MonBaby has excellent customer service. We had an issue setting up the device and we emailed them and they responded very quickly and helped us fix the product ASAP. 

Aly2686. Purchased from buybuy Baby. Reviewed June, 2019

I purchased the MonBaby button for my first-born child for extra peace of mind. The alarms happen quickly with no delay, and I feel much safer while my daughter sleeps. The company was great with any technical difficulties and helped ensure I had the best working product possible for my daughter. I would recommend this product 100% to anyone wanting to purchase a breathing monitor for their child. Much less expensive than other options and works perfectly.

Shelby Kanselaar. Purchased from Amazon. Reviewed May 22, 2019

As a nervous first time parent keeping an eye on my baby daughter was paramount to me. After doing some research online we came to the conclusion that typical audio and video monitors weren’t enough for us, and the price of the MonBaby was very reasonable. We love how easy it is to connect and attach to her clothing. All the information goes straight to the app on our phones and it’s a great complement to the other monitors we use. We never go to sleep without using it!

angela1384. Purchased from buybuy Baby. Reviewed 2018

We are first time parents and paranoid about everything. I wanted some kind of monitor to help give me peace of mind when the baby was asleep. I did research on pretty much all of the monitors out there and was torn between the owlet sock monitor and the Monbaby. I chose the Monbaby because first of all it is much more affordable and secondly, I felt like it gave me more information than the owlet. Our baby started to roll over very soon and the MonBaby was able to tell us when she had rolled onto her side or her stomach. It's easy to use and has never give us any false alarms. I am able to be in the next room and monitor her activity while she sleeps. I love this device and would recommend it to any parent looking for piece of mind while their little ones sleep.

Melody Tejada. Purchased from Amazon. Reviewed December 17, 2017

Great piece of technology!
The MonBaby is a great product and helps tell us when we should check our newborn especially when we are all sleeping. It's easy to setup and the alerts go right to your smartphone. I really appreciate the unobtrusive size and how it attaches firmly to my child's clothing. We use it mostly at night and it has made it easier to sleep knowing that an alarm will go off if our baby needs us. Although the MonBaby is not an all in one monitor, for what it does it works really well!

JayS. Purchased from Reviewed July 11, 2016